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  1. There is a YouTube video of a Mel Barkers “ the kidnappers story” filmed in Clarksdale Mississippi filmed in 1972
    Search “the Clarksdale story”

  2. My mother Evelyn York talked once about being in a “movie ” filmed in Atchison Kansas at Jackson Park, she was about 4 yrs old and during the filming the children were running and she fell, she made her mother go see it several times to see if she fell in each show! Mom has passed but found news cliping with now date on it, probably The Atchison Globe, Kidnaped by Melton Barker Productions, the list was long of all the local children in the film. Would love to have any memorialbile from that time

  3. Melton Barker was in Gaffney, SC in March, 1941 auditioning kids for “Kidnappers Foil”. Trying to locate a copy of the film, if it was completed.

  4. I’m currently assembling information and interviews for a documentary podcast about Barker and his work for the Daviess County Public Library in Owensboro, KY. Unfortunately it looks like the film that was shot here has been lost. I would LOVE to talk to any cast members or people who lived in the area around the time Barker was here filming. Please email me if you fall into those categories and would like to chat.

  5. I was in one of these local productions by Mr. Barker in Fort Smith, AR. Our film was titled “The Fort Smith Story of 1975” and was shown locally with Don Knotts’ “The Reluctant Astronaut”

  6. My cousin and I were in the movie made in Sikeston, MO in 1970. I remember sitting on a bench with other kids. My line was “”I’m Hungry” in response to what we would do with the reward money. We all got to attend the viewing at Malone Theater. Would LOVE to obtain a copy of the movie!

  7. I am in possession of a Melton Barker film. I was told it was a local film that was made in Morristown, Tn. I started research and happened upon this site.

  8. My mother said she and one or two of her siblings were in an “Our Gang” local film, when they were children during the Depression. They lived in Vicksburg, Mississippi. She particularly remembered sitting on a bench with a bunch of other kids, singing a song. Barker was in nearby Yazoo City in 1938 or 1939, which would have been the right time. Maybe he stopped in Vicksburg, or maybe my grandmother drove the kids to Yazoo City. I’ve always wished I could get my hands on that film!

  9. I’m on a search right now for a local film in Fredericksburg, Tx. My mom and aunt were in it. My mom remembers a lot of the kids that were in it and when I took it to a community garage sale page on Facebook there was a guy who said he played a good kid that protected the little girl.

    So at the moment I’m on a hunt for someone with a copy of the local film and if I can find it, I would love to also send a copy in for the archive.

    I’ll let you know if I can find it.

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